Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Breathe, and

a lung swells
reaches past heart
beats and rib cage,

draws into vena cava
the essence of what is, what was,
what will come;

Breathe, and you get
the echo of souls,
that which has touched everything
since the beginning of everything.

A rush passes through
nostrils and trachea,

swallowed, it swells lungs
absorbs into tissues
dances in darkness
embraces my presence

and is gone, a free slut
to another
available to all who wants.

What is this thing, this desire
for breath?

Without, I
into swirling dust,
a particle party to which
I can’t be uninvited.

You can reject me, you think.
My body, my spirit,
my nature.

But I am breathing,
securing my place in echo
lending haunting ground to ghosts
my imprint stands,

And you, breathing thing that you are,
can only reject me so much,

I am dancing in your membranes,

Eventually, you will all
swallow me down.

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