Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blank Slate

Daddy, daddy, she was born

but flawless?
daddy, am i flawless?
only on the inside you say

and your eyes turn downward
away from new skin

born clean as a whitewashed fence
clean like blackboard punishment
clean like the clergy, (ha!)

and what about the outside then
a beaut, they say, a beaut but in the rough
just wait 'til the glint comes in
just wait for the coal-crusher,
fossil maker,

a stallion to break her
just wait 'til the breasts perk

wilted white lilies
leavened dough rising
sunrise and heaven sings

my angels have brilliant eyes
the color of sparrows
the color of deep deep ice

a kingdom to ride her
just wait 'til the earth

shakes hips loose like rattlesnakes
hourglass swells like toxin
and flawless, flawless, yes!

we love it
the blank canvas
steel waiting for rivets

we paint with imperfection
bruise with opinion

a look of scorn,
and then

inside she is rusty
a spider cavern
carnival wheeled field mice
pit-bull playground

where daddy sits, complacent
where kingdom lies
where stallion cries

ah, we see her

fat as a frisco seal
plump and the dogs bite
greedy fuckers

they want the angel eyes
orbs of heaven

devil dogs
i hope they choke

chew marks, bite scars
down to bone
they like it

i am dessert, and
the world is hungry.

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